ResiCal, Inc. currently markets two products that offer unique and recognizable consumer benefits.

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Resinol available in a jar or tube

Medicated Ointment

CalmoL 4®
Hemorrhoidal Suppositories

Welcome to ResiCal, Inc.

ResiCal Inc. is a privately held pharmaceutical company located in Orchard Park, NY.

We believe our primary responsibility is to offer products and services of superior quality and value to consumers, healthcare professionals, and pharmacists.

physician recommendedSafe and effective

Preferred Products

RESINOL® Medicated Ointment

  • Soothes, Protects and Heals Skin Irritations and Rashes
  • Safe, effective ingredients
  • Trusted by Families for Generations
  • Same portable, easy to use formula now available in a tube.

CALMOL 4® Hemorrhoidal Suppositories

  • Safe and effective treatment for hemorrhoids, minor fissures, and inflamed tissue
  • No anesthetics, vaso constrictors, or steroids
  • No active ingredients that are absorbed
  • No drug interactions
  • No package warnings for patients with high blood pressure, diabetes, heart or thyroid diease

how to Purchase

Resinol® and Calmol 4® are available over the counter as a special order from any pharmacy. You can also purchase online from one of our authorized retailers. Follow the links below for more details.

I had a patient switch into my practice. He had an 18 month history of a terrible rash that would not clear. Within 2 weeks of starting on Resinol, it was gone.I have used it for rashes of all sorts, blisters, eczema, and even mild “bacterial” like infections with wonderful results.
Lewis Pediatrics, Rochester, NY

A few years ago, the parents of one of my patients told me about Resinol. They had seen remarkably fast resolution of their son’s rash. It literally responded in a single application. So, I ordered samples. In a short time, other patients also provided positive feedback.
Bambini Pediatrics Poughkeepsie, NY

I am an RN who just started at a new practice. Resinol was the #1 recommended medicated ointment at the my previous clinic. We used it for infants up to the elderly. I recommended Resinol for an adult patient over the phone and at her next appointment she was very pleased the results. The provider instructed her to continue using it.
Bellin Health, Green Bay, WI

I’ve recommended Calmol 4 Suppositories frequently over the years for numerous and assorted problems. Patients invariably find them soothing and comforting.

Richard Burg, MD

Calmol 4 was recommended to me by my doctor. I have a chronic anal fissure and have had problems for the past 4 years. Calmol 4 is the only product that seems to be a constant in providing me relief and has any benefit for getting my body healed. When my fissure returns out of the blue, I return to using Calmol 4 and am VERY thankful for its help. I often worry what will happen when this product is replaced or taken off the market. Please don’t go anywhere.

Olathe, KS

Calmol 4 is the best product I have tried for symptoms of discomfort and inflammation. Forget other brands. This is the ultimate product.