Resinol® – Frequently Asked questions

How can I purchase Resinol®?

Resinol Medicated Ointment 1.75 oz Tube and Resinol Medicated Ointment 3 oz Jar are available over the counter at any pharmacy, supermarket, or mass merchandiser. If your local retailer does not stock Resinol® on shelf, simply ask the pharmacist to special order Resinol® through the pharmacy’s regular wholesaler. This is a routine request, and they will have Resinol® for you the next day. To save time, we recommend phoning the pharmacy and having them order for you.

Resinol is also available on shelf at select Walmart locations and may be purchased online at and

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What Sizes is Resinol® Available?

Resinol® is sold in 1.75 oz tubes. The same trusted formula is portable and easy to apply.

Resinol® jars are sold in a 3 oz size.

What is the history of Resinol®?

Resinol® Medicated Ointment has a time-tested record of safety and effectiveness for many skin irritations. Resinol® was developed by Dr. Merville H. Carter in Baltimore, Maryland in the late 1800’s. In the course of his medical practice, Dr. Carter saw many patients with skin conditions that were difficult to treat. After many years of practical application among his own patients, he perfected Resinol®. Over the years, thousands of mothers, nurses, and doctors have voluntarily written letters attesting to the safety and effectiveness of Resinol®.

In 2002, Resinol® Medicated Ointment was purchased by ResiCal, Inc. The company is dedicated to introducing the same, effective product to consumers, nurses, and doctors throughout the United States.

Have there been any changes to Resinol®?

There are no plans to ever change the time-tested effective formula of Resinol® Medicated Ointment.

In 1983, a fragrance known as Oil of Cade was removed from the formula because it had no known therapeutic value and many consumers objected to the aroma. Yet, many consumers dearly remember the “old familiar smell” of Resinol® from their childhood days.

Over time, the labeling has been changed to conform with updated FDA over-the-counter monographs.

How does Resinol® work/What are the ingredients in Resinol®?

Resinol® is a highly effective medicated ointment that treats persistent rashes and skin irritations.

Resinol® contains a unique combination of ingredients that soothes, protects, and heals.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Petrolatum (skin protectant) and Resorcinol (topical analgesic).

How Do I Apply Resinol®?

Apply to affected area not more than 3 to 4 times daily. It is not necessary to fully remove Resinol® from the skin before reapplying. Do not apply over large areas of the body. Seek advice of physician before combining with other topical medications, ointments, or creams.

How Do I Apply Remove Resinol® from Skin?

Resinol® can be more easily removed from skin and hair by applying baby or mineral oil.

Does Resinol® stain?

Resinol® contains Calamine which can stain clothing and fabric. We recommend pretreating stained clothing with a laundry stain remover. For carpets and furniture, baby oil or mineral oil will aid in removal. Follow with a degreaser to remove any residual oil stain.

Please call 1-800-204-6434 with any additional questions, comments, or concerns.

resinol® is available as a “special Order” at any pharmacy counter, on shelf at select Walmart locations and from these authorized online retailers

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