Calmol 4® – Frequently Asked questions

How can I purchase Calmol 4®?

Calmol 4® is available over the counter at any pharmacy. If your local pharmacy, supermarket, or mass merchandiser does not stock Calmol 4® on shelf, simply ask the pharmacist to special order Calmol 4® through the pharmacy’s regular wholesaler. This is a routine request and they will have Calmol 4® available for you the next day. To save time, we recommend phoning the pharmacy and having them order for you.

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What are the common causes of Hemorrhoids?

  • Standing or sitting for prolonged periods of time can cause hemorrhoids due to increased pressure on anorectal veins.
  • Constipation and the force of straining to push along hard dry material can put extra pressure on the anorectal veins.
  • Excess body weight can also put pressure on the anorectal veins.
  • Pregnancy and an enlarged womb and increased blood supply can raise the pressure within the anorectal veins. In addition, the hormones in a pregnant woman tend to relax supporting muscles, increasing pressure on the lower anorectal veins as the baby grows.

How do Calmol 4® Hemorrhoidal Suppositories work?

The gentle soothing ingredients of Calmol 4® Hemorrhoidal Suppositories provide an all natural lubrication for the rectal lining to relieve and treate painful hemorrhoids, inflamed tissues and other anorectal disorders. Each suppository is contoured with a unique bulb shape for ease of insertion and longer retention.

Have there been any changes to Resinol®?

There are no plans to ever change the time-tested effective formula of Resinol® Medicated Ointment.

In 1983, a fragrance known as Oil of Cade was removed from the formula because it had no known therapeutic value and many consumers objected to the aroma. Yet, many consumers dearly remember the “old familiar smell” of Resinol® from their childhood days.

Over time, the labeling has been changed to conform with updated FDA over-the-counter monographs.

May I store Calmol 4 in the refrigerator?

Yes, in fact, Calmol 4 should be stored in a cool place or the refrigerator because they begin to soften at 80 degrees Fahrenheit. If they soften and begin to melt, refrigeration for a few hours may restore them to a usable state.

How often can I use Calmol 4®?

Follow your physician’s instructions. They are generally recommended to use after each bowel movement and one at bedtime. They may be used up to six times per day.

Is Calmol 4® safe?

Calmol 4® is safe and effective. There are no steroids or vaso constrictors. There is no interaction with internal medications. There are no package warnings for heart disease, high blood pressure, thyroid disease, diabetes, or enlargement of the prostate.

Please call 1-800-204-6434 with any additional questions, comments, or concerns.

Calmol 4® is available as a “special Order” at any pharmacy counter and from these authorized online retailers

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