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Widely recommended by Pediatricians, Nurse Practitioners, Family Physicians, Colon and Rectal Physicians and Gastroenterologists. Non-prescription. Available over the counter.

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Protects, soothes and heals stubborn irritations and rashes.
Non-stinging formula.

ACTIVE Ingredients

Unique formulation of Petrolatum (skin protectant) and Resorcinol (topical analgesic).

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Medical professionals & consumers trust Resinol®
I had a patient switch into my practice. He had an 18 month history of a terrible rash that would not clear. Within 2 weeks of starting on Resinol, it was gone.I have used it for rashes of all sorts, blisters, eczema, and even mild “bacterial” like infections with wonderful results.
Lewis Pediatrics, Rochester, NY

A few years ago, the parents of one of my patients told me about Resinol. They had seen remarkably fast resolution of their son’s rash. It literally responded in a single application. So, I ordered samples. In a short time, other patients also provided positive feedback.
Bambini Pediatrics, Poughkeepsie, NY

I am an RN who just started at a new practice. Resinol was the #1 recommended medicated ointment at the my previous clinic. We used it for infants up to the elderly. I recommended Resinol for an adult patient over the phone and at her next appointment she was very pleased the results. The provider instructed her to continue using it.
Bellin Health, Green Bay, WI

This is the only thing that helps my daughter’s rash. She has extremely sensitive skin. I didn’t even know Resinol existed until she was in Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital and that gave it to me.
RN, Memphis, TN